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Global Petroleum Solutions (GPS) is a USA company; represented by Dana Veitch, Mr. Sargent and Adriano Dos Santos, is an Import/Export Trading and Commodity House, specializing in petroleum products



Global Petroleum Solutions (GPS) is a USA company; represented by Dana Veitch,  Mr. Sargent and Adriano Dos Santos, is an Import/Export Trading and Commodity
House, specializing in petroleum products. Our Executives and member associates are highly professional and have experience in International Trade and various business fields. More importantly, this experience and expertise in global trade contribute to the teams and JV partner’s ingenuity to solve problems and promote sustained growth.

GPS’s philosophy has created a solid foundation upon which GPS stands for as a company, proves consistently through positive performance and serves as an advocate for our alliance partners.

Corporate Philosophy

GPS is associated with some of the most reputed international trading houses and executes business proposals in petroleum and commodities. Our market strategy is based on a cost effective approach to achieve clearly defined goals of our clients and customers while protecting their investment.

In doing so, we observe the utmost caution to safeguard our existing businesses relationships and do not, at random, take on hand, product groups which are not qualified and pass our due diligence.

We have very stringent rules of operation which only helps us to eliminate those not serious or unqualified business proposals.


GPS has a unique arrangement to acquire allocations of a substantial nature from our supporting suppliers/manufacturers/refineries at very attractive prices to market base.
After 3 years of careful planning, T.D Sargent has developed a network of contacts that include the security team and tank storage companies that are direct to sellers and buyers. With these assets in place, we are ready to bring on board a soon to be ex-banker that he would consider a "hybrid" of sorts, as he is also an attorney, tax and corporate expert that I have worked with and known for 6 years. We have contacts in shipping and pipe transport as well and have everything in place to accomplish this mission.

Dana Veitch, President, Denver, Colorado.

Mr. Veitch began his career in the oil business in 1979, focusing on the legal and contracts side of over $1b of M&A’s while employed with ARCO, Chevron, Phillips Petroleum and Shell, among others. In 1989, Mr. Veitch created Advent Oil and
Gas Company. Mr. Veitch attributes his success from being 3rd generation in the
oil business in Oklahoma, USA and his strategic acquisitions to make Advent Oil and Gas a successful domestic oil company. Most recently, Mr. Veitch has been trading refined fuels worldwide, negotiating contracts for successful transactions.

Adriano Dos Santos, Cape Town, South Africa, Executive V.P.

Adriano dos Santos started Downstream with BP South Africa in 1997-2002 and then with Total South Africa from 2002- November 2010. As a family business we have close to 70 years collective fuel retailing experience and over 90 years collective retail experience. We have developed and run many successful businesses and are customer focused Retailors. We established Fluid Petroleum Solutions in 2011 and have been procuring direct refinery access for Refined Petroleum Products to facilitate sales.

T.D. Sargent, Bristow, Oklahoma, Sr. V.P.

1984 to 2011, Mr. Sargent served in numerous positions in the Banking industry in Tulsa, Oklahoma, including as member of Board of Trustees, Multi Division Chief, Senior Lender/Chief Economist, Division President. After which time Mr. Sargent retired to provide free consultation to his wife’s business, owned/operated/created in conjunction with his wife, T.D Sargent, former commercial banking executive and present owner of Red Balloon LLC, partner of Divinius Resources. The focal point of the companies/ventures are acquisition of Aircraft for US Allied Nations, Crude and Refined Fuels, and Native American Business with various Tribal Nations.

Over the past few years, the fuel businesses have developed deep relationships with buyers, sellers, and global entities that give the ability to transact business with many high profile companies, and Mr. Sargent has developed high level connections to bring many people together from all parts of the world to transact business and close deals in many sectors.

What is so attractive about these transactions is that we have legitimate sellers and legitimate buyers who the product is sold to and this joint venture partner needs to do nothing except use their funds to cover the acquisition of these products. What is beneficial is this is just the start as there are other transactions where the same procedures can take place with our team the same products will be sold immediately.

The investor is extremely safe and secure in these transactions, as the money will only be used for a few days and the transaction of the product will be paid for by Major Oil companies (only) respectively in a very timely fashion which should be between 48 and 72 hours.

You’re dealing with professionals with many years of experience and genuine sellers and buyers who make the transactions effortless for the investor.


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